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Company & Employment

World Wide Soccer is a professional soccer training company dedicated to educating children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds about the international sport of soccer.

Established in 2003 in San Antonio, Texas, the company grew with the demand for professional soccer trainers exceeding supply and began expanding our coaching services throughout new soccer communities as well as in the San Antonio area.

We employ experienced international trainers with excellent qualifications and have full-time staff that both coach and manage our organization and partnerships across San Antonio and Texas. These coaches are highly qualified and hold bachelors/Masters in related fields and qualifications from their native football associations as well as the NSCAA/USSF.  

Our Organization and goals as a company:

  • To ensure that the next generation of players not only learn the correct techniques and tactics of the game but are also taught about the history and the culture of the game,
  • To further their understanding, development and education.
  • To teach, encourage, motivate and inspire young players to engage in this sport throughout their lives. 
  • We host 8-10 weeks of summer camps each year around South Texas with selected partners of our organization.
  • We coach over 800 players each summer and enjoy a great relationship with host organizations, parents and players.
  • We train all-year-round, including individual and small group training, team training, coaching clinics, school programs & team training.
  • World Wide Soccer's team of highly-qualified and skilled professional’s come from various countries such as England, Scotland, Ireland, Mexico, Germany and beyond.
  • The international influence enriches our program and allows players to learn about the many cultures that celebrate soccer. 
  • As a group of coaches we promote positive sport and exercise experiences for young people and through this instill belief in healthy eating and active lifestyles.
  • Players learn respect, leadership, community, growth as a person and caring attitudes while on camp to help them grow as a person.
  • Soccer as a sport, game or recreational activity can bring so many positive lessons and experiences to us all. 

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Coaching For World Wide Soccer

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World Wide Soccer P.O. Box 17523

San Antonio. Tx. 78217

Phone: 210 332 2201