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Summer Soccer Camps

Summer Curriculum

  • Player check-in & registration with giveaways.
  •  Camp warm-up, the players split into groups.
  • Rondo’s – Theme and numbers will change each day.
  • Ball mastery & Coerver skills.
  • Dribbling & Turning  – 1v1 & 2v1 (Monday)
    Attacking & Finishing – 2v1 & 2v2 games (Tuesday)
    Dribbling & Running with the Ball (Wednesday)
    Passing & Receiving – Short and Longer passes  (Thursday)
  •  World Cup tournament – all players assigned a team. 
  • Lunch Break for Full Day campers / Home time for Half Day Campers
  • Afternoon session.
  • Lunch break – keep players entertained and with the group. Allow free time for them towards the end of lunch.
  •  Afternoon campers arrive run session from morning & change to adapt for new players arriving.
  •  Afternoon tournament and scrimmages & camp games.


Premier Soccer Camps -

San Antonio’s premier summer soccer camps!

Join us for our summer camps program where players will be offered a competitive soccer camps experience through our many difference programs offered. We have programs available to all players up to high school seniors. World Wide Soccer will offer sessions in and around San Antonio as well as in Austin. Our professional trainers will take your players through an educational and enjoyable curriculum leaving them with a memorable experience and love for the sport! Our company is all about the following:

W – World (learn about other countries/cultures)

O – Organization (play the right way)

R – Respect (values of respect for each other)

L – Leadership (opportunities to practice skills to lead)

D – Desire (desire to improve & learn)

World Wide Soccer offers the following:

  • FREE shirt & water bottle
  • Advanced Soccer Camp 8-13 years old (for Club/Select players)
  • Advanced High School camps 2005-2000 birth year
  • ID Camp for high school players
  • Full Day Camps (ages 6-14 years)
  • Half Day Camps (ages 6-14 years)
  • Goalkeeper Only Camp
  • Female Only Camp
  • Indoor Soccer Camps
  • Professional qualified international & domestic trainers
  • Challenging & educational curriculum
  • Focus on individual players learning in competitive environments
  • Online registration